Manage Your Inventory

  • Once business get to see the big picture of the harsh reality of duplication, misclassification, inconsistency, and inaccuracy that infiltrates their inventory data, this then becomes the drivers to set aside money for Master Data Governance.
  • Unlocking the opportunities in having clean Inventory data and supplier master data with iCATM is the foundation to Inventory optimization.

What causes bad Inventory data

  • Using Free Form Text
  • People having direct access to create item and supplier masters in ERP without a Master Data gatekeepers
  • It’s easier to create a new record than to find an existing one
  • There is no governance, policy or procedures in place to control a new record from being created.

Cataloging Your Inventory

To much, To little, and the overkill (bathtub effect) ,By using the right taxonomy, iCATM make’s your Cataloging cost effective.

By using iCATM business will make sure everyone collects data in the correct manner to reduce duplication and encrypted items

How Does It Work

When cataloging inventory item , the item must be defined for what it is and not what it is used on or how it is used. All Categories , Noun’s , Modifiers & Attributes are predefined in iCATM. Data Stewards only need to fill in the Attribute Values. Entry can be done by directly typing in the Noun & Modifier or by Navigating through the Category section

Transferring Data

One your inventory is cataloged; the Data Stewards will download all items to a CSV File format from iCATM, This then be uploaded to any other Software or ERP system. CSV file will be Stock Number, Short Description , Long Description , Manufacture and Part Number

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