Frequently Asked Questions

All Items created and added to Item Management on the mobile application will be saved on the MRO Management cloud server.

Categories are the Noun Groups. The combination of the Noun and Modifier will determine which Category it belongs to.

The Noun is the name of the part or item being cataloged.

Nouns group items together by their likenesses

  • Valve
  • Motor
  • Pump
  • Modem
  • Etc…

Modifiers separate items by their differences

A Modifier is a mutually exclusive adjective that describes a Noun. It allows further grouping of similar articles within the population of a Noun.

  • Valve, Gate
  • Valve, Globe
  • Motor, AC
  • Motor ,DC
  • Pump, Centrifugal

Generic Modifiers

  • Some Nouns may not require the use of specific Modifiers because all the Attributes within the Noun population are generically the same.

Generic Modifiers have several key purposes:

  • If attribute do not change for that specific Noun
  • Prevents too many formats
  • Temporary holding place
  • Indicator for future format development
  • e.g Gearbox Generic
    • Type, Mount, Power Rating, Connection Type, Construction, Ratio, Rotational Speed, Torque Rating, Trade Size, Service Factor, Shaft Diameter, Frame

Attributes are used to describe qualities or features which distinguish one article from another within a Noun / Modifier pair.

Attribute tend to be unique to the Noun/Modifier pair

  • Type
  • Size
  • Material
  • User data will remain on the server for 30 days before getting deleted by MRO Management
  • User will still have Access to their data through the application for a period of 30 days.
  • Details of the cancellation process can be found in the Policy and Privacy section

All data or system errors are to be posted through the mobile app Feedback link

All data or system errors are to be posted through the mobile app Feedback link